For Residents

Welcome to the future!

As a resident of Ontario County, you live within a region surrounded by one of the most technologically advanced communications networks in the world.

What does that mean for you?

If you use the Internet at all, you will be aware of two major issues. First, the growing cost of broadband access is a national concern, and is fueled by a lack of competition in many markets, as well as the high investments necessary to maintain the technology. You will also be aware of the increasing strain on the current infrastructures, resulting in slower speeds, hang-ups and loss of quality.

The fiber ring increases both data capacity and transfer speed, which means higher quality connections. It also increases the likelihood that service providers may be interested in the future in making advanced communications services available to local homes and businesses at more competitive prices using the Axcess Ontario fiber infrastructure.

Although there are currently no carriers providing residential services over the Axcess Ontario fiber, residents of Ontario County are still realizing benefits. The fiber ring has contributed to helping Ontario County attract millions of dollars in outside investments and new businesses, all of which will add to the local tax base. That means more money for the community, schools and local development projects.

For more information on fiber to the home initiatives, visit the Fiber to the Home Council site.

Axcess Ontario is a is a not-for-profit development corporation created to develop and manage an open-access fiber-optic backbone initially in Ontario County.

Finger lakes regional telecommunications development corporation