Success Stories

Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) tapped into the Axcess Ontario fiber-optic ring in the fall of 2009, immediately increasing its Internet access bandwidth from 40 to 100Mbps, a 250% increase in capacity.

When FLCC’s Victor campus center opened in January 2010, the college installed a 1Gbps secure private network connection to the main campus, meaning access to the network at the Victor campus was just as fast as it was at the main campus. The expanded service also enabled the phone system to transfer calls easily from the main campus to Victor, and vice versa. FLCC plans to connect its campus centers in Newark and in Geneva to achieve improved backup systems and educational programming.

“Axcess Ontario’s fiber-optic ring means FLCC can save money and improve educational experiences for students and faculty by providing centralized computer services and Internet access to all of its locations through the main campus,” said Rick Evans, director of information technology at FLCC. “By connecting its main campus and campus centers to the ring, Finger Lakes Community College will be able to build a wide area network that allows for videoconferencing and state-of-the-art services across all locations.”

In the fall of 2009, Thompson Health signed on to the Ontario County fiber ring and began using a larger bandwidth connection between its main campus at F.F. Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua and the Urgent Care Center based at Thompson Medical Center in Farmington.

This connection enables the transmission of diagnostic images between the facilities as part of the digital X-ray services they began providing at the Urgent Care Center in November 2009.

"For our patients, this connectivity means that diagnostic images taken in Farmington can be immediately reviewed in real time by radiologists at the hospital more than nine miles away in Canandaigua," said Mark Halladay, director of information technology for Thompson Health. "For our organization, the connection also provides another advantage—large bandwidth at reasonable cost."

In 2010 alone, the X-ray department at the Urgent Care Center performed 3,237 X-ray exams. All exams were read by radiologists at the hospital.

Axcess Ontario is a is a not-for-profit development corporation created to develop and manage an open-access fiber-optic backbone initially in Ontario County.

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