For Carriers & Private Networks

Axcess Ontario welcomes your partnership!

We understand the importance of strong partnerships between corporate, private and government sectors.

When it comes to telecommunications infrastructure, the sheer number of providers makes it difficult to expect any single entity to take responsibility for developing the extensive—and expensive—infrastructure necessary to bring advances to the area.

Axcess Ontario answers the challenge in a straightforward way. We’ve provided the infrastructure for you, and we’ll make it available on equal terms for all.

It is our hope that access to the 16,000 fiber strand miles we’ve provided will attract greater research and development, enhanced services, and more numerous and improved connection options for our residents and businesses.

By tapping into our advanced fiber technology you can provide faster service with greater capabilities and cost savings for customers, while expanding your footprint and subscriber base.

Please explore the information provided here. 

Axcess Ontario is a is a not-for-profit development corporation created to develop and manage an open-access fiber-optic backbone initially in Ontario County.

Finger lakes regional telecommunications development corporation